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The classic gold standard textbook for Endodontics-Grossman's Endodontic Practice, has been completely revised and updated in its 12th edition to re-present itself in a new color. The textbook continues to remain the much sought-after book by the Undergraduate students. Much care has been taken to retain the flavor of original Grossman and at the same time the newer techniques and other developments in the field of Endodontics have been thoroughly updated. Relevant newer topics have been included and the older topics have been revised as necessary.

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  1. Completely revised edition after 23 years with new concepts and techniques

  2. Over 1100 new illustrations comprising relevant line diagrams, clinical photographs, radiographs, and histological slides

  3. This edition highlights the shift in Endodontic Practice from Chemo mechanical approach to a more biologically centered and biocompatible approach

  4. Three New Chapters have been added:

    • Prosthodontic Considerations of Endodontically Treated Teeth
    • Lasers in Endodontics
    • Procedural Errors and their Management
  5. Case reports given in each chapter helps in understanding the conceptual illustrations and also in understanding the clinical discussions.

  6. With its contemporary approach and comprehensive coverage this classic is an indispensable text for both students & practitioners.


  1. The Dental Pulp and Periradicular Tissues
    Part 1:
    • Embryology
    • Development of the Dental Lamina and Dental Papilla
    • Dentinogenesis
    • Amelogenesis
    • Development of the Root
    • Development of the Periodontal Ligament and Alveolar Bone
    • Circulation and Innervation of Developing Tooth
    Part 2:
    • Normal Pulp
    • Functions of the Pulp
    • Zones of the Pulp
    • Mineralizations
    • Effects of Aging on the Pulp
    Part 3:
    • Normal Periradicular Tissues
    • Cementum
    • Periodontal Ligament
    • Alveolar Process
    • Bibliography
  1. Microbiology
    • Bacterial Pathways into the Pulp
    • Endodontic Microflora
    • Types of Endodontic Infections
    • Biofilms
    • Culture of Microorganisms
    • Bacteriologic Examination by Culture Techniques prior to Obturation
    • Molecular Biology Methods
    • Bibliography
  1. Clinical Diagnostic Methods
    • History and Record
    • Symptoms
    • Recent Trends in Vitality Assessment
    • Bibliography
  1. Diseases of the Dental Pulp
    • Causes of Pulp Disease
    • Diseases of the Pulp
    • Bibliography
  1. Diseases of the Periradicular Tissues
    • Acute Periradicular Diseases
    • Chronic Periradicular Diseases
    • Condensing Osteitis
    • External Root Resorption
    • Diseases of the Periradicular Tissues of Nonendodontic Origin
    • Bibliography
  1. Rationale of Endodontic Treatment
    • Inflammation
    • Endodontic Implications
    • Bibliography
  1. Selection of Cases for Treatment
    • Assessment of the Patient Systemic Status
    • Case Diffi culty Assessment Form
    • Factors Influencing Healing after Endodontic Treatment
    • Considerations Warranting Removal of Tooth
    • Endodontics and Prosthodontic Treatment
    • Endodontics and Orthodontic Treatment
    • Endodontics and Single-Tooth Implants
    • Bibliography
  1. Principles of Endodontic Treatment
    • Rubber Dam Isolation
    • Components of Rubber Dam Kit
    • Techniques of Rubber Dam Application
    • Sterilization of Instruments
    • Cold Sterilization
    • Glass Bead (Hot Salt) Sterilizers
    • Biological Monitoring
    • Bibliography
  1. Anatomy of Pulp Cavity and its Access Opening
    • Pulp Cavity
    • Tooth Anatomy and Its Relation to the Preparation of Access Opening
    • Anomalies of Pulp Cavities
    • Temporary Filling
    • Bibliography
  1. Preparation of the Radicular Space: Instruments and Techniques
    • Cleaning and Shaping of Radicular Space
    • Preparation of an Apical Matrix
    • Local Anesthesia
    • Endodontic Instruments for Cleaning and Shaping
    • Pulpectomy
    • Working Length
    • Cleaning and Shaping Protocol
    • Techniques of Root Canal Shaping
    • Bibliography
  1. Irrigants and Intracanal Medicaments
    • Irrigants
    • Irrigation Guidelines
    • Intracanal Medicaments
    • Temporary Filling Materials
    • Bibliography
  1. Obturation of the Radicular Space
    • When to Obturate the Root Canal
    • Requirements for an Ideal Root Canal Filling Material
    • Core Materials
    • Gutta-Percha Obturation Techniques
    • Root Canal Sealers
    • Reactions to Obturating Materials
    • Overfilling and Under filling
    • Repair Following Endodontic Treatment
    • Success and Failure in Endodontics
    • Bibliography
  1. Vital Pulp Therapy, Pulpotomy, and Apexifi cation
    • Pulpal Inflammation and Its Sequelae
    • Vital Pulp Therapy
    • Pulp Capping Agents and their Treatment Protocols
    • Pulpotomy
    • Apexification
    • Revascularization to Induce Apexification/Apexogenesis in Infected, Nonvital, Immature Teeth
    • Bibliography
  1. Bleaching of Discolored Teeth
    • Classification of Tooth Discoloration
    • Causes of Tooth Discoloration
    • Bleaching
    • Microabrasion Technique
    • Tetracycline Discoloration
    • Macroabrasion
    • Bibliography
  1. Treatment of Traumatized Teeth
    • Causes and Incidence of Dental Injuries
    • Fractures of Teeth
    • Diagnosis in Traumatic Dental Injuries
    • Enamel Infraction and Enamel Fractures
    • Crown Fracture without Pulp Exposure
    • Crown Fracture with Pulp Exposure
    • Crown - Root Fractures
    • Root Fractures
    • Vertical Fracture
    • Luxated Teeth
    • Avulsion
    • Response of Pulp to Trauma
    • Effect of Trauma on Supporting Tissues
    • Bibliography
  1. Endodontic Surgery
    • Objectives and Rationale for Surgery
    • Microsurgery
    • Treatment Planning and Presurgical Notes for Periradicular Surgery
    • Stages in Surgical Endodontics
    • Additional Surgical Procedures
    • Bibliography
  1. Endodontic-Periodontic Interrelationship
    • Pulpoperiodontal Pathways
    • Etiology of Endo-Perio Lesions
    • Classification
    • Sequence of Treatment
    • Radisectomy and Hemisection
    • Bibliography
  1. Prosthodontic Considerations in Endodontically Treated Teeth
    • Assessment of Restorability
    • Anatomical, Biological, and Mechanical Considerations
    • Restoring Endodontically Treated Teeth
    • Restorative Treatment Planning of Nonvital Teeth
    • Core
    • Evaluation of Teeth
    • Factors Determining Post Selection
    • Clinical Recommendations
    • Bibliography
  1. Lasers in Endodontics
    • Basics of Laser Physics
    • Characteristics of a Laser Beam
    • Dental Laser Delivery Systems
    • Tissue Response to Lasers
    • Laser Wavelengths Used in Dentistry
    • Applications of Lasers in Endodontics
    • Bibliography
  1. Procedural Errors: Prevention and Management
    • Procedural Errors Related to Access Opening of the Pulp Space
    • Procedural Errors in Canal Cleaning and Shaping
    • Procedural Errors with Obturation
    • Other Procedural Errors
    • Bibliography
  • Appendix A: Radiographic Technique for Endodontics
  • Appendix B: Root Canal Configuration

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